Threat Mitigation - Risk Control Group, PLLC has over 100 years of experience within its staff in public and government safety; VTR assessments; site security surveys; intelligence services; and public / government training.

TM-RCG employees and associates have completed courses and hold numerous certifications.

Darryl Biggs

Darryl Biggs is the Founder/ President of Threat Mitigation- Risk Control Group, PLLC in Arizona.

Larry Wakefield

Larry Wakefield is the Founder/ President of Gray Executive Services, a licensed Private Investigation Agency in Arizona.

Mr. Wakefield is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran; former police officer with the Flagstaff Police Department; Investigator with the Arizona Attorney General's Office; and a member of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) with the United States Department of Justice.

Mr. Wakefield was an instructor for Gunsight Training Center and GPS Sniper Defense Sniper School.

Mr. Wakefield may be contacted at (623) 693-0600 or at

Mr. Wakefield's training and certifications

Dan "Bearman" Bekins

Dan Bekins is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran; the Founder/ Co-Partner of Executive Security Agency, a licensed private investigation agency in Arizona; and the current President of the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators (AALPI). Mr. Bekins has over 30 years in the Executive Protection field and specializes in workplace violence issues.

Mr. Bekins is known as the "Bearman" after raising a male black bear - Shash- from cub to adulthood.
"Shash" can be visited at the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott, Arizona with other local wildlife.

Mr. Bekin's training and certifications