Corporations that have employees traveling overseas, have a Duty Of Care* to protect their employees while they are abroad.

Some of the specific elements are:
• A safe working environment- this extends to hotels, airlines, rental vehicles, etc.
• Providing information and instruction on potential hazards abroad (crime, terrorism, civil/ political issues).
• Monitoring the health and safety of employees and keeping good records.
• Employment of qualified person to provide health and safety advice.
• Monitoring conditions at any workplace (including remote locations) under the organization’s control and management.

TM-RCG provides travel advisories and training in Kidnap & Ransom; Political & Civil Unrest; Diseases; Medical Emergencies, Evacuations and Insurance; Protection of Personal Property & Protection from Identity Theft; Vulnerability, Risk & Threat Assessments; Business & Personal Etiquette; Crisis Response: and other training prior to traveling.

*'This is the legal responsibility of an organization to do everything “reasonably practical” to protect the health and safety of employees.'