Workplace violence has increased over the years and are attributed to many factors, including separations/ divorces, employee terminations, reductions in force (layoffs), people believing they have been slighted or wronged by a corporation, medical issues and other attributing factors which leads a person to believe that violence is the only answer.

Terminating an employee is never easy, sometimes these employees may be the sole providers for their families, which can elevate an already volatile emotional state. Once that employee has made threats, it is an employer’s responsibility to take action on it to ensure the safety and security of its employees.

TM-RCG takes these potential threats very seriously and has put together a systematic approach in which to mitigate any potential work-place violence incidents.

TM-RCG does this by first looking at educating the employees and management. Preventing an incident relies on proper training and identifying the signs and symptoms before they turn into a problem. TM-RCG has developed programs and trained Threat Management Units for companies. We present our program to your employees, as well as a separate program for Managers/ Supervisors and Human Resources personnel.

If for some reason, you do have a terminated employee or have an individual making threats against an employee or the corporation, we put our Mitigation Package into play. The mitigation package includes a thorough workup of the terminated employee’s or individual’s background.

After completing the assessment on the employee or the person making the threats, we attempt to conduct an interview with the person, this aides us in determining their mindset to carry out the threat and possible ways to mitigate the threat with that individual. This also allows for possible civil and criminal legal actions against the individual or group to include Temporary Restraining Orders, Injunctions Against Harassment, and law enforcement intervention.

The package may include 24 hour surveillance if needed, all while placing highly trained armed Protective Specialists on site that has the experience and mindset to mitigate the threat if it presents itself. TM-RCG prides itself in resolving these issues as quickly as possible, to not only protect the company, its employees, but also the company brand.

Once it has been determined that the onsite Protective Specialists are no longer required, we have a follow-on program which allows TM-RCG to continue monitoring that employee or individual for as long as needed in a variety of different capacities.